Founded by an American living in Colombia, SpeakNativelyt exists because Randy couldn't find adequate and affordable lessons online. 

With each instructor holding a professional license, SpeakNatively strives to provide the best in foreign language education.


Our students range from children of just four years old, to executives at pharmaceutical companies looking for an edge in negotiations for their next company buyout in South or Central America.


Our mission is to provide the very best in language education. If you're a casual learner, we'll accommodate. If you want to go at it full-throttle, we'll assist you as many hours as you'd like, with visual presentations and a customized lesson plan.

Our Teachers  

Our instructors are Nurses, Accountants, Professional Teachers, and other licensed professionals. Many of whom have been to the United States, Canada, and Europe. By being professionals, you're receiving classic education. Beyond that it's been said that the accent in Colombia is the most beautiful Spanish in the world.

Seven weeks, 6 hours a week. This was exhausting, but when my plane landed and the customs officer was yelling at a confused gringo...I was able to help. Not just that, but I was able to use local idioms to help ease the tension for my fellow gringo. Thanks, Yuli!”


Adam Kant


Wow. I was planning a family vacation to Costa Rica and everyone told me I wouldn't need Spanish. Just to stay in the resort. But what fun is that? We have resorts in the United States. Manuela and I sent emails back and forth, had phone conversations and video sessions...all in secret. My family was impressed by my Spanish, and the locals didn't expect this tall gangly guy with red hair to negotiate with them on trinkets and toys for the kids.”


Michel Ryder


I was planning a trip with my church group to Honduras and wanted to learn Spanish. I was told we'd have translators, but I wanted to make sure they weren't saying anything bad. Laura made learning so fun that before I knew it, I was using HER as the translator when I was in Honduras. I'd call her up, and since she was also a nurse - she was able to help better than the local translator. Be sure to ask about bulk hourly discounts.

Kevin Walker